How to hack AC:CF

NOTE: I have VIDEOS on my channel on how to do all of these things. Check the videos section or my channel.

If you want to learn how to hack AC:CF, you first need the Homebrew Channel. Go to the Wii Hacks section of this site and learn how to do that on your Wii. After you have the Homebrew Channel, you can hack Animal Crossing City Folk in two ways:

  • Gecko OS (codes/cheats)
  • Hacking Programs

If you want to learn how to hack it using Gecko OS (homebrew application for cheats), click here to go to that written tutorial. Click here for codelists.

If you want to learn to hack using different hacking programs: View my AC:CF Hacking Playlist videos with info about each program:
View my written tutorials on this site:
- ACToolkit: Click here
- Pattview: Click here
- NPC Tool: Click here
- Item Tool: Click here
- EZ DLC Install: Click here
You can also view the rest of the guides on the main AC:CF Hacks page: Click here

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