Gecko OS Tutorial

- Gamecube Backup Launcher Installation Pack:
- cIOS Installer: *if this version does not work for you, click on the dropdown menu on the right of the page to choose a newer version*
- Alternate MIOS patcher: *Use IOS249 or IOS236*

★Note to 4.2 users:
If your Wii is 4.2, this will NOT work. You need to restore the trucha bug on it before this or any other backup launcher will work. Tutorial found here:

★Note to 4.3 Users:
You must softmod before you can do this tutorial. Use one of the guides below:
1.Written Guide:
2.Video Tutorial:

Q1: Can I put more than one game on a DVD-R Disc?
A: Yes you can. Use this tool:
Q2: How big is each GC game?
A: About 2 GB.
Q3: Could this brick my Wii?
A: No. Unless you don't follow the video's directions.
Q4: Where can I get free GC Games?
A: Here ya go!
Q5: What program should I use to burn the discs?
A: You can use any program. A free program is available here:

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